Inspection & Cleaning

The #1 Enemy of your hearing aid is ear wax. Most hearing aid repairs occur because of wax damage to the hearing aids components. The Re-Nu ServiceMaster has several unique features for cleaning your hearing aids.

Protect your investment in your hearing instruments

The Re-Nu preventative maintenance process is performed at a hearing aid cleaning and inspection appointment using a new piece of equipment called an Auracare™ ServiceMaster. The Auracare™ is a cerumen (ear wax) management system.

  • A 10-point integrity meter to accurately pinpoint electronic problems with your hearing aids.
  • An ultrasonic vibrating system to break-up unwanted wax in your hearing aid components.
  • A vacuum chamber to de-humidify your hearing instruments.
  • A wax suction needle vac to vacuum wax out of your hearing aid's receiver.